Reflecting on the PechaKucha presentation technique

The process of creating the presentation was really intuitive for me and after I decided what I wanted to cover, the process was speedy. I enjoyed connecting images to concepts. The images were in many cases quite abstract and in some cases very literal.

I think the presentation came across as energetic and lighthearted due to the pace of it which was much faster than I was expecting. The presentation itself was a bit of a blur, I managed to keep broadly in time with the images and found that they elicited responses I was not expecting, with the image as the stimulus I definitely said some things I hadn’t been intending to say and missed off some things I meant to say. But I do think that my personality came across. It did not feel as though I was talking for anywhere near 6 and a half minutes. This is definitely a technique I would recommend to students who, like myself, may have trouble reading off note cards.

I was pleased to find myself in such a warm, open and unique group of people and I’m really looking forward to hearing more about them and their practices.