Values and Knowledge Framework

During a PGCert session we analyzed the UK Professional Values and Core Knowledge framework (UKPSF), assessing our own values and knowledge and how we apply these to our subject area and pedagogic practice. I found this task quite difficult as it involved a level of self awareness that was quite dependent on certainty and consistency in personalities and dispositions and a surety about our qualities before naming them. I have often found it difficult to classify my own personality qualities and type and I therefore experienced some ambiguity about this.┬áIt was interesting to question what it means to be a ‘good teacher’ because this is reliant upon standardization and a suppression of the individual to some extent.

However the session allowed me to conclude that personal values are helpful in implementing professional values, that the two are not segregated. Values should not be homogenized but some core values are necessary. Some personal values may conflict with professional values and should therefore be reserved if they could be upsetting, awareness of this scenario is a crucial aspect in handling it. An awareness of professional boundaries is important, alongside a respect for all learner types. Furthermore it’s important that knowledge is culturally and contextually sensitive and is open to interrogation and enquiry.

I aim to harbor values which promote respect for equality, diversity, honesty and integrity, whilst being open-minded and thoughtful about the implications of my teaching practice.